Dedicated to Anneliese Michel [C42]
Mannequins - False Smiles False Lives [C32] REVIEW REVIEW
She Said No - Rejection and Isolation [C10]
Broken Spirit - Let Me Go [One-sided C110] REVIEW
Burial Ground - Day of the Dead [One-sided C122] REVIEW REVIEW
Strange Notes / Sweet on You - The Most Beautiful Woman in Town [C10] REVIEW REVIEW
Cold Comfort - Brief Moments of Clarity [VHS] REVIEW REVIEW
Igloo Martian / Bud Cort - Split [C32] REVIEW
Burial Ground - Dawn of the Dead [One-sided C32] REVIEW
Deadbeat - Source Tape for Lonely Nights [C40] REVIEW REVIEW
Weeping Swords - Death Wins Every War [C40] REVIEW REVIEW
Worn Vessel - The Refuse of Nature [C30] REVIEW REVIEW
Burial Ground - Night of the Living Dead [C24] REVIEW
Raven - The Earth Dies Screaming [C20] REVIEW
Marax / Coma Centauri - Coerced to Pull the Trigger [C60] REVIEW
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me [3xC45] REVIEW
A Night to Dismember - Salmonella, Chains and Plastic Cadavers [One-sided C46] REVIEW
Dead Body Collection / Persistence in Mourning - Ritualistic Reanimation [C30] REVIEW
Deadmoths - Disinclined Beings [C22] REVIEW
Compactor - Self_Destruct_Sequence [C20] REVIEW REVIEW
Haemorrhaging Fetus - A Dying Expression (Extended) [C47] REVIEW
Crown of Bone / Vomir - Split [C44]
Shit Castle - Rat Cult and the Sore Throat Werewolves [One-sided C62] REVIEW
The Prowler - Self Titled [C45] REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW
Raven - Victims [C30] REVIEW
Broken Spirit - Falling Apart [One-sided C60] REVIEW
Barfly [C102] REVIEW
Various Artists - Videodrome [VHS]
Coma Centauri / Creature Feature - Split [C24] REVIEW REVIEW
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Fissures - On Frozen Wastes [C62] REVIEW REVIEW
Fingers of the Embalmer - Dissection of Order [C60]
Dead Body Collection / Government Alpha - Fragments of Memory [C40+C20]
Nervous Corps / Crown Of Bone - Split [C60] REVIEW
Filth - Psychic Voyeur [C30]
Hadals - Self Titled [C15] REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW
Burial Ground - The Slumber Party Massacre & The Driller Killer [2xC90]
Lungwash - Swatting Hold [C22] REVIEW REVIEW
Unexamine / HHL - Split [C41] REVIEW
Begotten [C90] REVIEW
Sunken Cheek - Unfit [C28] REVIEW
Shōji Yamamoto - Shiiin [C42] REVIEW
Boar - Craft [C14] REVIEW REVIEW
Astromason & Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - Endless Black [C31] REVIEW REVIEW
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Remnants - The Process [C25]
Burial Ground & Wet Dream Asphyxiation - The House By The Cemetery [C90] REVIEW
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Carrion Black Pit/Lethe/Folter/Hearse Fetish - Crimes Of Passion [C90] REVIEW
Mole Hole - Withdrawal Symptoms [C35]
HHL - Nature Recoils [C28]
Vilgoć/Sleep Column - Split [C47]
MSHING - Interfering With A Corpse [C26] REVIEW
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Naked Lunch [C120]
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The Black Scorpio Underground [C20+Chapbook]
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Flesh Coffin - The Psychotic Bible [C30]
Shit Castle - Mutant Transsexual Telegrams And Strict Religious Training [C20]
With Prejudice - Tax The Whore And Release The Burden [2xC10] REVIEW
En Nihil/Demonologists - Split [C40] REVIEW
A Clockwork Orange [2xC70]
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Cold Comfort - Betafever [VHS]